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    Our Story

    Therayology is a new word made from therapy and psychology (THERA- Y -OLOGY), and together means the healing space created to support you in achieving coherence and mental health balance. Our services aim to respond to the needs of a growing eclectic community in search of inclusive mental health services.

    Our Mission

    Therayology’s mission is to provide clients with reliable, trustworthy, and prepared clinicians for their healing process while offering providers a place to develop their talents in helping their community so they can grow and flourish in the art of healing.

    We're here for you.

    We are committed to giving you the right space and time for healing to happen. If there is a need for you to have someone who can listen and show up for you, we will do our best to provide exactly that. There are many ways to achieve healing and well-being. So rest assure we will use skills, tools, and strategies from different therapies to go where you need to go.

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