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  • Rachael Hall, Intern

    I am currently a graduate student at Mount Mary University working toward my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a certificate in trauma counseling. My work with clients is designed to be individualized and unique to their needs and personal goals. As an intern with Therayology, I look forward to working with individuals and couples using an integrated theory with a foundation in attachment theory. With this, I strive to guide my clients toward healing relational wounds in a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship.

    I utilize an attachment-based lens to guide treatment with my clients. This gives emphasis on a person’s upbringing, what their relationships were like with caregivers, and how these aspects can inform the present and future. Unpacking the past in therapy can shed light on patterns in our relationships that are keeping us stuck and preventing us from reaching our fullest potential. Together, we can develop helpful techniques for you to use outside of sessions and bring about positive change in your life by interrupting these patterns. Attachment exploration in a therapeutic environment allows for establishing healthier and more fulfilling connections.