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  • Coaching

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    Our therapists provide coaching and is a good starting point for those without a mental health diagnosis who need support and guidance with a problem or concern. Sometimes we need the perspective of someone outside our family or friends who could provide an impartial point of view without ongoing treatment. Coaching sessions last 50 minutes and are offered in English and Spanish.

    Coaching helps individuals:

    • Find guidance when you are unsure what to do and need support and an external point of view.
    • Achieve personal goals.
    • Get career advice, grief support, or help to address burnout.
    • Be proactive about caring for their emotional wellness.
    • Become better communicators.
    • Perform better at work.
    • Provide resources to help and advocate for others.

    What is NOT coaching?

    Coaching is not therapy. Therapy is intended to help people recover from emotional and other psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety and is medically necessary.


    A coaching session for 50 minutes is $100. No billable to insurance.